Samberkat Maine Coons


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The following description has been extracted from the CFA website (and edited for the purposes of this website):

Altered cats (neutered males and spayed females) are judged by the same standards as the Championship Class. Also, Awarding of Points in a Final and Breed and Division Points are awarded the same as the Championship Class.

Number of Points Required

Since there are fewer cats entered for Premiership Competition than in the Championship Competition, only seventy five (75) points are required to become a Grand Premier. In Hawaii, Russia, Asia (except Japan), Mexico, Central America, South America and United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), twenty-five (25) points are required for Grand Premiership.


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Name: GP Hissinghurst Samson Beauregarde
Dam: Hissinghurst Stella For Starr
Sire: GC Trills Gian Bernini of Hissinghurst
Born: January 17, 2003
Granded: October 9, 2004


Name: GP, RW Rivercats Hudson Hawk of Samberkat
Dam: Hissinghurst Trinity of Rivercats, DM
Sire: GC Trills Gian Bernini of Hissinghurst
Born: July 17, 2004
Granded: May 7, 2005

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